Sharpen Your Skills

Set in the picturesque Sonoran Desert region of Maricopa County, Arizona, GPS Defense Sniper School has been the sniper school of choice for elite military units from all branches of the Armed Services, Tier 1 law enforcement agencies from around the country, and nationally ranked civilian precision rifle competitors since the school was established in 1998.  Our students represent over 40 military units and federal law enforcement agencies and more than 80 state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies from 24 different states.

GPS Defense Sniper School has been a GSA Contract Holder since 2007.  Any Federal Agency can take advantage of the special U.S. Government pre-negotiated pricing per GSA CONTRACT # GS-02F-0164T.

What We Offer at GPS Defense Sniper School

Unrivaled Terrain

Off the grid, but only 40 minutes from the night-life of downtown Phoenix and uptown Scottsdale, our beautiful high desert terrain is rugged, mountainous and expansive. Our west range is especially secluded and highly sought after for its challenging long-range training opportunities and close resemblance to Afghanistan.

Job-Specific Training

Participate in best-in-class training for your current/future military or law enforcement specialty, including known and unknown distance training, reactive targets to 1,000 yards, moving targets, shooting & moving exercises, high-angle and rooftop shooting, urban training, stalking and tracking.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are all veteran military and/or law enforcement snipers who can impart their extensive knowledge and craft to rookie and veteran shooters alike. Come train with and learn from this preeminent group at an enticing and unique shooting range.

” You guys are the embodiment of professionalism at its best, you are clearly subject matter experts. You provided an interactive learning environment in which the material was passed in an interesting/informative manner. Not only do we plan to pass it on to others, we plan on incorporating into our workup.”

LEO Sniper

“The professionalism of the instructors and the methods utilized to deliver the course material was progressively challenging, thus pushing you to operate at a higher level each day. The instruction I received during the three schools has enhanced my ability to adapt to ever changing environments/situations and has greatly broadened my deployability and further solidified my credibility as a Law Enforcement Sniper.”

Law Enforcement Sniper

“Nearly all techniques taught over the past week will be incorporated into our platoon training. It all correlates directly with what we experienced in Iraq in a variety of scenarios”

Military Sniper

“I wanted to thank you for allowing me to train at GPS defense. The instructors were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and willing to help me in every regard. They made me much more proficient in sniping and spotting than I expected, while also helping me to shoot expert in the Navy Qual which is a pre-req for sniper school. I am greatly indebted to them and your school for what I have learned.”

SEAL Team 5 Sniper
“Without a doubt, GPS Defense Sniper School puts on the best sniper courses I have ever been through. The application to the real world is absolutely amazing. I thought I knew a lot and had a good handle on being a sniper, but GPS Defense was able to take our sniper team to a whole other level!”

Law Enforcement Sniper

“Everyone heading overseas should go through this course. All the tactics taught can save your life and the life of your team.”

Military Sniper

“The instruction I received has enhanced my ability to adapt to ever-changing environments and situations and has greatly broadened my deployability and further solidified my credibility as a law enforcement sniper.”

Law Enforcement Sniper

The country’s most intensive and comprehensive sniper school and tactical precision rifle training.

One of America’s oldest and best-known sniper training academies.