Our Facilities

Our training environment is military-grade, offering tactical and rifle training for the real world.

To prepare for real-world scenarios, you need instruction and practice in a setting that emulates the real world. That’s precisely the kind of training you’ll receive in our remote, off-the-grid setting in the Arizona desert.

Where We Are Located

We share facilities with the historic Cowtown Range, an easy half hour’s drive from Arizona’s largest city centers, Phoenix and Scottsdale.

What You’ll Find When You Get Here

You’ve never seen facilities like what we’ve got at GPS Defense Sniper School. Our hilly, high-desert landscape can seem particularly harsh at times, but that’s exactly what makes it ideal territory for those in the military and law enforcement who want to perfect their long-range precision training and fieldcraft.

This strategically laid-out, secluded property allows you to train from multiple locations, including established and covered firing lines, within steps of our air-conditioned classroom.

  • 100-yard, 200-yard and 300-yard ranges

  • Sniper hides

  • Moving targets

  • Multiple unknown steel target ranges

  • Spacious flat bays for pistol/carbine training

  • High-angle shooting from hilltops and rooftops

  • Challenging canyon shooting

  • Movement-to-contact training

  • Multiple stalk lanes

  • Urban training

  • Multiple room non-ballistic shoot house