About Us

GPS Defense Sniper School has been the premier sniper and long-range precision rifle training organization in the United States since 1998.

At GPS Defense Sniper School, we’re committed to bringing you the most robust, comprehensive long-range precision rifle training in the country. We specialize in training military and law enforcement snipers, along with private citizens interested in improving their long-range shooting skills.

Our Experience

GPS Defense Sniper School is owned, managed, and operated exclusively by retired and active United States Military service members and law enforcement professionals.  Our operations and course curriculum reflects this background and makes us uniquely qualified to train shooters of all levels of experience.

Our Approach

We have developed a proven, professional approach to tactical weapons training that builds on a foundation in safety and basic skills. We start our training where you and your team are, and focus on teaching the life-saving skills and tactics that directly correlate to real-world defense and combat situations.

Our Facilities

GPS Defense Sniper School is located at the storied and historic Cowtown Range, where some of the country’s best military, law enforcement and competition shooters have trained for decades, to include legendary snipers such as U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, made famous in the 2014 movie American Sniper.  Our terrain, targetry, climate, and anonymity present a sought-after training experience and destination for any student of precision rifle shooting.

Our Students

We have trained military and law enforcement personnel from the United States and around the world, including the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army National Guard, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and numerous SAU/SWAT operators from agencies located around the country.

Here’s a list of organizations that have trained with GPS Defense Sniper School.

Government Agencies

2/75th Rangers
3rd Special Forces Group
19th Special Forces Gr.
82nd ABN Div
101st ABN Div
10th Mountain DIV
40th ID/1st Cav Div
500th MP SRT Space Command
Military Intelligence
Arizona National Guard
California National Guard
Texas National Guard
Wisconsin National Guard

2nd Recon Battalion
4th Recon Battalion
2nd MAR DIV 1/6
2nd MAR DIV 2/8 MP
SRT snipers

Grp 2 Sniper School Staff
SEAL Team 2
SEAL Team 3
SEAL Team 4
SEAL Team 5
SEAL Team 7
Det South

Guardian Angels
123rd Special Tactics Squadron
613th Security Forces Squadron
52nd Security Forces Squadron
Pentagon Police Dept Counter Sniper Unit

Office Of Secure Transportation

Law Enforcement Team Sniper Instructors

Special Operations Group Sniper
US Marshals AZ field office

NCIS Naval Academy PD SWAT

FT Knox Mint Police

US Capitol Police Force

SRT Sniper Team

State Agencies

Homer PD Anchorage PD

Little Rock PD

AZ Dept of Corrections SRT
Phoenix PD
Maricopa County SO SWAT
Pima County SO
Tucson PD SWAT
Scottsdale PD SWAT
Glendale SWAT
Chandler PD SWAT
Peoria PD SWAT
Yavapai Co. SWAT
Prescott Valley PD
Sierra Vista PD SWAT
Apache Co. SWAT
Buckeye PD
Fredonia Marshal’s Office
Show Low PD SWAT
Globe PD Globe SWAT
Safford PD SWAT

LA County Sheriff’s Department
Oakland PD SWAT
California Highway Patrol
San Bernardino Co. Drug Task Force
Fresno Co. SWAT
Foster City PD
San Jose PD
San Diego PD
San Francisco PD
Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department
Imperial Co. Drug Task Force
Hillsborough PD
Nuclear Security
Calexico PD

CO Dept Of Corrections
SORT Snipers
Aurora PD
Chafee Co. SO
Denver Police Department
Lakewood PD SWAT
Mesa County PD
Montrose Co SWAT
Wheat Ridge PD SWAT

Naugatuck PD
Greenwich PD SWAT

Coral Gables Police Department
Osceola County SO
Santa Rosa County SO
Nuclear Security

Atlanta Police Department
Lowndes County PD

Hawaii County PD SWAT
Honolulu SWAT

Bettendorf PD Nuclear Security

Chicago Police SWAT

State Highway Patrol

Covington Co. SWAT

Allegany County SO

Somerville PD

Petal PD

Lee’s Summit PD

Missoula Co. SWAT
Lewis & Clark Co. SWAT

Montgomery County SWAT
Sidney PD SWAT Nuclear Security

Las Vegas Metro SWAT
N. Las Vegas SWAT
Henderson PD SWAT
Nye County SWAT
Sparks Police Department

Beachwood PD Essex County SWAT

Albuquerque SWAT
Lake Arthur PD
Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department
Dona Ana County SWAT
Sante Fe SWAT
Sante Fe Co SWAT
Taos County Sheriff’s Dept.
Rio Rancho SWAT

New York State Police
New York Dept of Corrections
East Fishkill PD

Concord PD
Johnston County Sheriff’s Office
Wake Co. SWAT

Tulsa PD
Logan County SWAT
Cherokee Nation Marshal Service

Columbus PD
Wadsworth PD SWAT

Eugene PD
Beaverton PD
Gresham PD SWAT
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

Blount Co SWAT

Bexar County SWAT
Dallas Co. Constables Snipers
Georgetown PD SWAT
Grapeland PD
Houston PD
Irving PD SWAT
Mesquite PD SWAT
New Braunfels PD

Utah State Patrol
Utah County SWAT
Cache County SWAT
Kane County SWAT

Dumfries PD

Vancouver PD SWAT
Kennewick PD
Washington Co SWAT
Lewis & Clark Co SWAT

Madison PD SWAT

Jackson PD

International Agencies

New South Wales Police Army Infantry

Rio De Janeiro Police Snipers
Rio De Janeiro Military Police Snipers

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserve
Vancouver PD ERT
Edmonton Police Service
Victoria PD ERT
Delta PD ERT

Rome Police snipers

ARMY SOCOM 1st Scout Rangers

Virgin Islands SWAT